Will it be utopia or dystopia?

Example poster to capture new users in a city

The problem

A spin of Jobs-to-be-done, rhetorical triangle, and storytelling makes the perfect presentation


A sarcastic Swedish man's way of survival in the big city

Landing in Tokyo

  1. Get out of the flight where you filled out your immigration + customs papers provided by the flight attendants
  2. Clear immigration with flying colors
  3. Pick up your luggage
  4. Go through customs…

Poorly designed enterprise products is no longer an option for any organization

We order taxis on our phones but still uses Excel sheets to make…

Will we get utopia or dystopia?

What we all become to accept

A paradigm shift on how professionals use their network to find help

My friend Petter Wallbergs request for a photographer

Leon Eckervall

Product manager @ Hedvig

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