A framework that makes your legal and privacy department your allies

Most of us have been there, excited for this new great feature that users will love. Designers are with you, engineering is confident in their estimation, and even the executives think it’s a good move.

In all this excitement you forget that little detail of clearing the concept with legal. As soon the team is closing into putting it to production the legal team appears like a wild pokemon.

So below is my framework and to ensure that the legal department is on board and an extension of your…

Example poster to capture new users in a city

There is no better feeling then going from the light bulb idea to a pitchable product. It’s not the hunt of creating the hottest startup. I guess its just my hobby.

The problem

Covid-19 has restricted travel for all of us the last year, which made literally made us stranded at home. Even though I’m living in Sweden with no lockdowns I’m still restricted. The sociologist in me would describe it as a city-wide panopticon.

This has presented me with some challenges
1. I’m bored
2. I need to get out more from the house (but away from people)
3. …

A spin of Jobs-to-be-done, rhetorical triangle, and storytelling makes the perfect presentation

Have you ever stressed about an upcoming presentation or struggling with how to convey your message? This article will help you understand this formula for a perfect presentation but be aware that it requires preparation.


Every presentation is about conveying a message, alter behavior or create action in your audience. Without this your presentation is pointless.

Many and including me have been in the pain of standing presenting something that does not mean anything to anyone. You are the filler occupying the space for an audience that does not care.

From my past mistakes, I started creating a framework to…

Be at shrine no later than 11:15!! it’s a beautiful shrine offers many things to see or good photo spots, so highly recommended to be there early!

For you that are usually late = This is Japan, late comers are treated accordingly and the police have not that much else to do.

The ceremony is a traditional Japanese wedding according to Shinto religion. You can read more about a shinto wedding here

In the shrine their will be 3 levels where people will be seated.

Closest family member / relatives will be seated inside the shrine next to the…

A sarcastic Swedish man's way of survival in the big city

Landing in Tokyo

Tokyo has two airports, Narita & Haneda that both operate international flights. But the process will be the same:

  1. Get out of the flight where you filled out your immigration + customs papers provided by the flight attendants
  2. Clear immigration with flying colors
  3. Pick up your luggage
  4. Go through customs where you give the officer your customs paper. They often single you for inspection of your luggage. Don’t worry but think of this when you pack neatly or as an stressed teenager late for a class trip…
  5. Welcome to Japan

Travel into town

There are multiple options for how to get into town…

Poorly designed enterprise products is no longer an option for any organization

In the last decade, the divide between consumer & enterprise applications has grown far apart. One world where usability and user satisfaction is part of the success criteria and the other where it’s not. Not at all.

We order taxis on our phones but still uses Excel sheets to make business decisions.

There are a few reasons for why we have this divide today. First, it’s usually not the end user that is the buyer of the software. Enterprise software is often bought via a procurement process handled by executives. In short, the organization appoints a steering group to define…

Will we get utopia or dystopia?

Never before has it been easier to track human behavior into a spreadsheet, quantify the variables and develop applications to make human users follow “the masters” bidding.
And that’s what this article is all about, the masters of algorithmic power on us peasants (the users), the question of how neuroscience work and the philosophical question about human individuality.

Let’s go back and take a look on one of the first and also first “methods” the masters used to steer human behavior into revenue.

Let’s enter the world of freemium

Freemium is a concept used mostly in the mobile app market. It became the new normal for…

What we all become to accept

There is no easy or flattering way to explain one’s unsatisfactory of success. Great career, great girl, great apartment, great….. but still a lacking of that true happiness everyone else around seem to portray.

On that note, the clear leader for a black hole of selfdoubt-ism is Instagram. For me it consist of three things.

  1. The parents- It’s having kids and over-sharing all those details to everyone that have to scroll through. 90 % of those post is posted by the mom that also include hashtags of love, uniqueness and explanation of how life was not life before their angel…

A paradigm shift on how professionals use their network to find help

The last year or two I’ve seen a trend within my social media network is now reaching normality. The trend is what I call network sourcing, or how professionals ask it’s network on Facebook, twitter & Linkedin for help in finding someone for gigs & longer engagements.

My friend Petter Wallbergs request for a photographer

These tasks, gigs or even jobs come in all sizes & requirements.

But let’s dig deeper into what this actually means.

1. It’s all about trust

After some research in my network that used “network sourcing” a clear pattern where apparent.

They trusted their network to deliver.

“I made my network and it is a extension of me…

Execution of workforce changes driven by technology

In a recent report, the World Economic Forum predicted that robotic automation will result in the net loss of more than 5m jobs across 15 developed nations by 2020, a conservative estimate. Another study, conducted by the International Labor Organization, states that as many as 137 million workers across Cambodia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam — approximately 56% of the total workforce of those countries — are at risk of displacement by robots, particularly workers in the garment manufacturing industry.

Looking into the future you may not feel like a happy camper

Examples of automation is published in media…

Leon Eckervall

Product manager @ Securitas Intelligent services

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